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In dire need of spray paint.

In dire need of spray paint.

I remember a time in which I had every single color at my finger tips. I could spend hours upon hours sifting through my collection. I would take the time and rattle each can and put aside my choice of colors for my next adventure. 

As I sit here and paint this canvas, I think about how easy it would be to blast the white space with a aerosol color and add values with a brush. I look around me and all I see is tubes and tubes of paint. 

What happened to all of my spray paint?


  • I no longer rack(steal) it. 
  • I’m not some yuppie fuck that can drop hella bread on fucking Montana. 9$ a can? are you fucking kidding me? That shit is marketed to the toy ass mutha fuckers out there trying to put on the front that they go out and bomb every night. what a joke…….dont get me wrong. there are artist that use it but KNOW what they hell they are doing and can utilize some of the pressure sensitive features high end “graffiti” spraypaint provides. PLUS! they get the shit for free anyway so they don’t count. 
  • lastly, The shit you can buy on a budget is the wackest, worst, waste of money ever! I grew up using Krylon and Rusto. shit got the job done and places like Home depot and ace were easy places to buy…… steal it. Now a days all of the caps are female so if you want to use your special caps….. you fucking CAN’T. Some say it was a way to combat graffiti and other illegal uses but I know the true reason…… “the street art boom”

think about the popularity in “street art culture in the past few years. Its getting pretty ridiculous. there are so many kids out there thinking they can pick up a can of paint and go out and make "art" 

I know times change and social norms of what art is play a big part.  but think about what people think can happen now as a graff artist.  jail or acceptance.  its bull shit.  

As a kid there were way more trials one had to go through to even think about hitting up a wall. you had to earn respect from other crews. do thousands upon thousands of throwies and bombs just so others wouldn’t rag on your work.

anyway.  just a thought.

p.s. im drunk 

Zachary Sweet