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Good morning.
Modern society views flatulence as a negative. This is unfortunate, because in most cases, it’s the byproduct of a beautiful thing — the intricate ecosystem of bacteria living in your intestines. AND it’s hilarious. I’m not saying that it’s okay to go around rippin’ ass or anything but if those tiny bacteria can work together… Why can’t we? I’m just saying that, with all of the barriers, differences, and judgment stinking up this planet….. There is one undeniable truth…. Everybody farts.

My artwork titled
“Hold It In” is a statement on doing the exact opposite. Let it out. Express yourself. And for the love of gawd… Life is short. Have a sense of humor.
12×12 inches
Mixed Media on Wood Panel.
Is now available for purchase at
www.wootbear.com ?

Zachary Sweet