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I found this old photo of my Dad. Not sure the date, maybe 93/94. I remember when he built my first FX make up kit. He packed an old red tool box full of make up pallets, stage blood, brushes, liquid latex, spirit gum, and lil prosthetics. I would spend hours making fake wounds to gross out the neighborhood kids or put on creepy face paint and terrorize my siblings. He shared so many forms of art with me. Taught me how to be creative with any tools. He is the reason I love pranks and practical jokes. He was a master at telling scary stories. He used to take me and my friends camping for my birthday and tell the most epic tales. I would feel so proud when my friends couldn’t sleep. They would keep me up, flinching at every snapping twig or rustle in the brush. My father taught me that fear is powerful. It can be very debilitating or it can fuel your drive in life. There are many things in this world that I’m afraid off but my father made me brave. I miss you Pops, happy Fathers Day. ?

Zachary Sweet