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Monthly Archive August 31, 2015

Big thanks to everyone that came out to the show! I had a blast! It was great seeing everyone’s reactions to my “Boogeyman” piece. If you didn’t make it to the opening… Be sure to swing by @wootbearbelly gallery and check it out. This piece is now available online at www.wootbear.com #wootbear #lolligag ????

Design Concept Zine.✔
Sample Header card.✔
Micro Sculpt.✔
Promotional drawing.✔
Zachary Sweet.✔

It’s pitch time! Wish me luck!

#babyslice ???

Big purrrrrrrs to everyone that has checked out my artwork at the #cattowncafe . We will be having a closing party on October 2nd. ?? @thelastcat will also have NEW products for sale. Till then. Swing by anytime from 9:30am-7pm and see the art in person. ? 2869 Broadway, Oakland CA!!!

Almost done!!! ??? #babyslice

“I Still Believe”

Good morning Sunshines. Tonight is thee night! Give me your eyeballs. I’ll treat them well. I’ll take them on a vacation….. Massage their optic nerves and even feed them….. Drawings and carrots. ???

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I went to my friends engagement party on Saturday. They have a very lovely home. Here is a shot of one of my paintings hanging up. ??

Meow! This Friday I will have some feline drawings on display at a Cat Cafe in Oakland. You gotta check it out! ? #catshangingwithcats #thelastcat #cattown #mattfurie #mildred #jesico #zacharysweet #zacharysweets

“Like a demon from the darkest of Plutonian hell of the fallen Romans, the wind shrieked and howled in its sudden attack, hardening his nipples into blades.” #swordofthegael

Take a hike…. It’s nice out!