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Monthly Archive December 31, 2019

at Oakland, California

Breakfast Burrito (at Oakland, California)

“If you wanna keep your mouth, don’t run it”

New gifs uploaded. If you search my name (zacharysweet) in your gif keyboard, you can share with your friends. Happy Friday! My gifs have graced a lot of eyeballs!
#zacharysweet #gifs #giphy #giphyarts #love animation #boners #nerd #skull #1millionviews (at Oakland, California)

Slow Down (at Oakland, California)

“Keeper of the Pigeons”
Morning warm ups with a pentel brush pen.
(at Oakland, California)

“You’re a Mean One”
#bahhumbug #thegrinch (at Oakland, California)

My KawatarĊ piece for the “Mythological Art Show” @3dot_art_gallery next week. I’ll have a ton of affordable lil creatures on display. (at 3Dot Art Gallery)

TONIGHT my piece “Honey Bee” will be on display at @nielsenartsframing for the 10th anniversary show titled “Long Strange Trip”. 60+ artist on 10x10inch wood panels. (at Nielsen Arts Gallery & Custom Framing)

Do you remember Boglins? Probably one of my all time favorite toy lines as a kid. I had a few and I still have one from childhood. TONIGHT @rpscollective was gracious enough to host my Toy Drive Art Show this year. It would me a lot to me if you swung by and dropped off a NEW UNOPENED Toy. I won’t say the cliche “the kids are the future” but I will say, Kids that grow up with a loving environment, and feel the generosity of strangers, may help create a better one. So come by during your first Friday stroll and support your community. I love you so much!
#boglins #toydrive #toycollector #toydriveartshow #artshow #illustration #love #zacharysweet (at Warehouse 416)