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Monthly Archive April 27, 2013

something rad!

yesterday I met one of the animators from the tv show “Duck Tales”. we talked about art and he gave me some great advice. He said not to let everyone get in my head because I have a good thing going on. I told him about how my back pack got stolen and wasn’t able to do as much digital painting. He visited me again and gave me his old Wacom tablet! nice guy!  

Kids draw the darndest things…

I just found a ton of old drawings. super old. chillz.

“ be prepared to wait a lifetime”

pen and ink on altered photograph. 

Went to the DMV today……. 

I was there for what seemed like an eternity. 

I did this lil sketch.

It just goes to show you that artist are never bored. 

p.s. DMV…… i hate theee! 

last night

was perfect.  Did some painting and met about 700 people. life is good.  dammmmmm good! 

Last night was PERFECT!!! Happy B-day Tom! 

your stuff is amazzinggg

thank you berry berry berry berry much!!! your kind words and support mean the world to me!!! 😀 x 1,000


“old lady…… sleeping on Bart”

“this is what too much thinking does to you”